Android Nougat – release date and what you should know

There are tons of Android-based smartphones these days and Samsung phones are one of them. It was Android Lollipop and Marshmallow back in 2015 and 2016. The next version of Google operating system is called Android Nougat, and this will be their seventh OS for mobile phones.

Check out the Android Nougat preview below

By the time we posted this article, Android Nougat, or Android N for short is already released. However, depending on your phone brand, you might need to wait before getting the updates.

The good new, Android N is pre-loaded on the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL and it is available to download on Google made phones, such as Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Google Pixel C and then the Nexus Player.

Samsung came with the beta version of Android Nougat with their Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge back in November this year. A more stable version of this OS will set to follow. It requires you to download the Galaxy Beta program app and this is actually another way for this company to sign you up for a Samsung account.

If you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy S series, you can expect to feel the advantage of using Android Nougat in the next Samsung Galaxy S8 by early next year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – what we know so far

Every new year, all Samsung fans will wait for their next S series phone mobile. If it was Galaxy S7 in 2016, then it will be the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017. In 2016, Samsung had a mixed year. The Galaxy S7 was a huge hit while the next Note 7, which is another popular series from Samsung met an untimely death-by-fire. So it is no surprise that Galaxy S7 and owners of Note 8 are looking forward for the next S series in early 2017.

Summary of Samsung Galaxy S8:
The release date of this phone: End of February 2017. If you prefer to buy this phone offline, most likely you will have to wait till March.
What is new about this phone: The screen is better and bigger with 4K screen, SD830 chip and then USB-C.
Battery: 4200 mAh.
Camera: Optical image stabilization, geo tagging, facial recognition, HDR, auto laser focus. The rear camera is 30 MP while the front camera is 9.0 MP.
Other powerful features: Retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging, mini projector.
Internal memory: 64 or 128 GB internal memory.
SD card: Available with 2 additional SD card slots.

Screen and display
Galaxy S8 comes with a neat screen of 5.2 inches and improved advanced screen resolution technology for 4K display with an amazing user interface. Once you’ve turned on the phone, expect to get a keen resolution of 4092 X 2160 pixels which gives the best video quality. The screen is also blended which makes this device very comfortable to work with and easy to navigate.

Waterproof screen
So many phone companies these days provide waterproof feature to their products. The same goes for Samsung Galaxy S8. Don’t worry if you use this phone during a heavy rain, since the screen is actually waterproof.

Galaxy S8 comes with better camera
Just like previous version of Galaxy S and Note, Samsung always improve phone with better camera and bigger image resolution. This time, Galaxy S8 has a 30 MP camera at the rear and 12MP camera at the front view with a dual LED flash. In order to make the device more user friendly, the camera comes with tons of amazing features, such as geotagging, face recognition, smile detection and more.

Need more memory? Galaxy S8 has even better, and expandable storage option
Who didn’t need more memories on their phones these days? We need our phone to has better memories these days, not just to store our contacts or photos but also to store files, videos and more of our projects. Depending on how you use your phone, you might need to upgrade your memory sooner or later.

That’s why, The Samsung s8 will be having an internal storage capacity of 64/128 GB and the memory can also be extended by a dual external memory card slot provided to the device, it can be extended up to 256GB so this gives a huge mass storage device for the user.